Area 13 are a premium 4 piece band from Cairns, Queensland, AUSTRALIA


Cairns five-piece AREA13 bring together a cumulative century worth of experience. The band members – Rob Midgley, Julian Cliffe, Paul Southwell and Kev Boorman –found their passion as children, progressing into jamming with local bands as teenagers and eventually playing gigs and releasing music. Individually, they haven’t stopped since. It was fortuitous then that the four members ended up crossing paths – it was that shared passion for music that brought the band members together, each harked from elsewhere, drawn to the Far North for its lifestyle and climate. In 2017, aptly on the 13th of May, they joined forces under the guise of AREA13 with a common focus of creating solid original music.

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Meet the Band


Rob Midgley

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Rob comes from Sydney. He played with Sydney bands ICU and Barclay. He is a singer, song writer whose influences include Bondi Cigars, Lota and Resonator Blues and Rock. Rob moved to Cairns in 2004 to continue his work as an underwater photographer & pursue his music career. With the love of the north tropics and live music, Rob has made Cairns his home

Paul bass casino 2

Paul Southwell

Bass, Vocals, Songwriter

Paul hails from the UK. When he was 11 his parents bought him a bass guitar and, effectively, he’s been playing the bass ever since. He has played in various professional outfits covering a wide variety of different musical styles and genres from Jazz Funk to Punk. He recently relocated to Cairns and has happily settled into the rich musical tapestry of FNQ. Paul is also a published songwriter with various album and single releases.

Julian Cliffe

Julian Cliffe

Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Songwriter

Julian is originally from the UK but has lived in Cairns for over ten years. He describes himself as a proud Yorkshire man although he is now a naturalised Aussie. Started playing at about ten years old and did the usual school band and garage bands thing. The drums took a back seat for a while after discovering fast cars and bikes, but most time spent on mountain bikes riding cross country and downhill. After a big crash the downhill bike was retired and the drums came back with a vengeance He has subsequently played in numerous bands covering varied styles.

Kev Boorman

Kev Boorman

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Kev’s been playing music in various parts of the world for the past 26 years.  Writing songs with a conscience and then some without.  His attitude is, “Go hard or Go home!”  With two EP’s in the bag, he writes from personal experience and also from a sense of social obligation.  Influenced by classic Oz Rock artists like Midnight Oil, The Angels and The Divinyls, he has spent his career crafting songs that not only have a social conscience but have an edge of experience.